Gruss aus Finnland

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Re: Gruss aus Finnland

Beitrag von stt1 » 31.01.2018, 23:57

Some news:

I got the certificate - my car was made 28. February 1968 - so, definately an early one.

Then, I figured out which instrument panels I have. Seems that I have 3 of 4 different "instruments in straight line" panels. And none of them is from Sprint:


From left to right: Kadett B Rallye F Coupe 1100, Kadett B Rallye F Coupe (also for Limo?) 1900, Commodore A GS

Upper row: maximum width in the upper part of the steel panel
Middle row: maximum height of the panel
Lowest row: maximum width in the lowest part of the steel panel

Side rubbers are not taken account in these measurements.

Need to find the Sprint one... If someone has one, please PM... Most important is to have the side rubbers in good condition with the correct size panel. It wont matter if the panel has extra holes in it. No need for instruments either, I have them. Also, that Kadett Rallye 1100 panel is extra for me, I can trade it.

I'll add another ad to "Suche" later about this panel as well.

At this moment it would help if someone could provide similar measurements from Sprint panel...

---aaand last but not least - I checked out better which carburetor linkages I'm missing:

I have almost complete set for the later (ab) model linkages. Just missing the one long link which travels from left to right side just next to firewall.

For the older (bis) linkage I miss the long link which travels from left to right side just next to firewall AND the next link from firewall to carbs (maybe 35cm long?).

Except of those I have all other linkages. Even some extra ones near the carbs. Also I have some extra intake manifolds. Need to sell them some day.


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